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Kill The Motherboard premieres ‘Saint Paul’ video with ‘rolling out’

Rolling out premieres the new video “Saint Paul,” from the forthcoming CD, The Legend of Picasso. Singer/songwriter Jon Brown and Grammy Award-winning producer Jack Splash make up the group Kill The Motherboard.

Brown states: “’Saint Paul’ was born out of a painful memory whose story I was forced to relive every day. The video (produced by Xavier Ruffin), is based on a true story. The aftermath of that story was witnessed by me and my family as we walked to the park that day.

“Instead of seeing kids playing on the jungle gym or swimming in the pool, we were met with police sirens, first responders,  screaming and crying family members of the innocent people who were murdered, and yellow tape surrounding the bodies of the victims. I wanted to shed light on what is going on, not only in my community, but in communities across the country.”