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Michael B. Jordan describes his relationship with his father


Michael B. Jordan attending The European Premiere of CREED II at BFI IMAX London Waterloo. (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Michael B. Jordan‘s role model is his dad.

The Creed star is “constantly” comparing himself to his father and admitted his dad Michael A. Jordan inspires him every day.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, he said: “It’s hard for me to really choose a role model, but I would have to say the closest thing I have to one is my dad. He is somebody I look up to, constantly measure myself against and who keeps inspiring me every day.”

The 32-year-old actor treasures the time he gets to spend with his family because his work takes him away so often.

Asked how he spends his time outside of work, he said: “Sports, anything athletic. I used to play basketball a lot. I like getting outside, honestly, being in nature and traveling whenever I can.

“It’s really important to see different things and get inspired by the world that’s around us.

“Spending time with my family, too. I’m always going somewhere, so whenever I get to spend quality time with my brother, my sister, my mom and dad, I try to soak up those moments as much as I can.”

Scent evokes a lot of memories of Jordan’s family.

Discussing his favorite smells, he said: “The first thing that pops into my head is my grandmother’s rum cakes — going to her house, walking in the front door and smelling the cakes being baked.

“It just makes me feel at home and comfortable. Freshly cut grass is another one. Growing up in New Jersey, I was always mowing the lawn and stuff like that. Freshly cut grass is a smell that I remember very strongly.

“And my mother — my mom’s smell when I give her a hug is something that is very close to me.”