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Alpha Phi Alpha man and Morehouse alum Curtis Johnson shares fatherhood wisdom

Photo provided by Curtis Johnson

Curtis Kevin Johnson is God-fearing, husband, father, small business owner and 1988 graduate of Morehouse College. Johnson is a lifetime learner and has earned an MBA from Wayne State University, an advanced degree from Bryant University in financial planning, and a bachelor of arts in Chaplaincy from the International Order of Police & Fire Chaplains. He currently holds licenses in the state of Michigan in the areas of life and property and casualty insurance, and residential building.

Johnson has five children: Christian, Terri, Sandra, Shauna, and Joshua.  He’s a proud member of the fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha and is skilled in mediation and conflict resolution.

We talked with Johnson to get his perspectives on life and being a father.

From a father’s perspective, what two books would you recommend every child read?

I strongly suggest that anyone read “The Gospel of John” because it expresses the deity of Jesus Christ and the key to salvation. I also recommend reading the book of “Psalms.” That book will help the believer to rightfully relate to God and His children.

Why should you read every day?

It was said that reading is fundamental, and I am in complete agreement with that statement. I believe everyone would benefit from being a lifetime learner.

How important is keeping your word?

Let your nay mean nay and your yea mean yea. Your word should be your bond and it has been my experience that people care more about what you said than what you mean when it’s convenient for them. Think before you react and try to respond instead of reacting. Play the “tape” analyzing outcomes before you even open your mouth

When it comes to protecting yourself at all times, physically and mentally, what would you tell your children?

Always be aware of your surroundings while constantly and consistently protecting your eye gates and your ear gates, being mindful that your body is a temple wonderfully made by God and it is your personal responsibility for its upkeep.

What advice would you give on being responsible for your own dreams?

When pursuing your dreams “plan your work and work your plan”. Write down your goals with timelines. Plant good seeds so that your dreams reap blessed fruit, while knowing that you have a definite part to play in your past, present, and future.

How does following your spiritual values help you in life?

By aligning my spiritual values with the word of God, I place myself in a position where I can trust in Jesus and leave the consequences to Him.

Photo provided by Curtis Johnson

Photo provided by Curtis Johnson