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Kanye West takes new shots at Drake and J. Cole (video)

Drake (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

Kanye West has never exemplified trepidation about mixing it up when he believes a fellow rapper or well-heeled critic has come for him. That’s why it took hip-hop fans by surprise when it appeared that J. Cole threw shade at him with his hit joint “False Prophets” without a Kanye comeback.

Well, it turns out that the G.O.O.D. Music and College Dropout rapper may have indeed clapped back at Cole — and Drake for that matter.

A newly leaked snippet from last year’s “What Would Meek Do” Pusha-T record features Ye answering what he felt were criticisms of him on Cole’s record.

Despite hip-hop fans believing that Cole shaded Kanye, Cole conveyed on the “The Angie Martinez Show” that he did not have Kanye in mind when he was penning “False Prophets.”

“When I’m writing ‘False Prophets,’ which that song wasn’t about [Kanye] … there’s one verse that applies to him for sure, but if you listen to that song, that song is about what this s— is exposing,” Cole said. “What I gotta check myself about. And I check myself on that song as well. We’re worshipping celebrities. These are our heroes.”

But according to Complex magazine, many hip-hop heads believe that Cole does reference Ye in the 2016 hit joint when he includes the “cryin’ out for help while the world’s eggin’ him on.”

Listen to J. Cole’s video “False Prophets” below and decide for yourself if Cole called out Kanye. Perhaps you have already made up your mind.