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Princeton Perez explains how Mindless Behavior prepared him for solo act

Princeton Perez (Photo credit: Jaayrashawn)

Meet Los Angeles native Jacob Anthony Perez, known professionally as Princeton Perez, a dancer and up-and-coming solo R&B artist.

Life’s motto: Stay persistent and always have uninterrupted focus.

Describe who you are in five words.

Talented, charismatic, witty, persistent and independent.

When did you know music was your calling?

I knew way back when I performed in my first-grade talent show. Shortly after, at the age of seven, I started dancing with Debbie Allen and Dave Scott. I eventually started doing shows, acting and booking commercials. Once I auditioned for Mindless Behavior and began artist development with the guys, it gave me the platform to express that passion. That’s when I fell in love with music.

What was it like being a member of the R&B boy band Mindless Behavior?

It was an amazing experience. [My] best memory was performing at the White House for Sasha and Malia Obama. I’ve always wanted to be in a boy band, and it taught me the value of working hard and having persistence in order to get where I want to be. We developed a strong bond growing up together by having the same struggles – like balancing a career and school at a young age. It was tough, but it was worth it.

How did being a part of Mindless Behavior help you grow as an artist?

Being in Mindless Behavior helped me grow as an artist because I had the privilege to take my time and really develop vocally. I learned skills in Mindless Behavior that I still use today. Development is a process, and it takes time. It’s not something you do and then stop just because you’ve had some success. What Mindless Behavior taught me is that if you want to stay in this business as an artist, part of your life’s work is to constantly challenge yourself, set new creative goals and work hard to get them.

When did you know it was time to close the chapter on the group and branch out as a solo entertainer?

Timing is everything. There wasn’t really any specific time. I just found myself in the studio and wanting to experiment more as a solo artist. It happened very organically. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and I experimented with my sound for a while. Then it just clicked and slowly started to come together. I just knew it was right when it was right.

Briefly tell us, what can we expect from your debut album? Do you have a name for it?

I have a couple [of] names for it, but nothing specific yet. I think it will come organically as we finish up the project. First, I’m going to drop an EP.  As far as my debut album, expect great music. I want to bring back that essence of “feel-good music” that makes you want to sing and dance all night. As of now, my debut single “Perfect World” is out everywhere.