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LAPD investigating why star witness was turned away after Nipsey’s murder

Suspected Nipsey Hussle shooter Eric Holder. Photo: Los Angeles Police Department

The Internal Affairs division at the Los Angeles Police Department has launched an investigation into why the getaway driver in the Nipsey Hussle murder was originally turned away from the precinct when she tried to give her testimony.

The getaway driver, who is only identified as “Witness No. 1” as to protect her identity and life, reportedly tried to turn herself in at the LAPD precinct on 77th Street but was turned away by a desk clerk — she said in her grand jury testimony, according to the New York Post. 

“I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know this boy was gonna do this,” the woman testified.

Witness No. 1 also confessed to her mother that on March 31, 2019, she did drive Eric Holder away from the Marathon Clothing store area after hearing shots fired. Holder, she said, returned to the car with a gun in his hand and ordered her to drive away. She claims she did not see the shooting or know who got shot until she saw it on the news later that day.

The woman said she saw her car and license plate flashed all over the news. But when the mother and daughter went to the station, the desk officer told them: “Don’t worry about it,” according to a grand jury transcript. “Don’t listen to the news.”

Also, according to the grand jury transcripts that Page Six has obtained, the daughter and mother also tried to reach the LAPD precinct over the phone and was turned away again. Finally, the daughter was able to reach detectives on the case.

LAPD officials acknowledge that the daughter was turned away because the desk clerk missed the police chief’s press briefing that day. Page Six also stated the LAPD put some blame on the female getaway driver for not making it clear why she was at the precinct in the first place.

Holder was picked two days after the shooting in the town of Bellflower, California, about a 30-minute drive south of downtown Los Angeles. He remains held on $6.5M bail and faces a sentence of up to life in prison if convicted.