Kim Kardashian shares the important life lesson Kanye has taught her

Kim Kardashian (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Kim Kardashian West‘s husband Kanye has taught her many lessons but she recently shared the most important.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star is inspired “every single day” by her spouse, and he has shown her how to “really take ownership” of everything she does.

Speaking in the August issue of Forbes magazine, she said: “He’s just taught me as a person to never compromise and to really take ownership. Before, I was really the opposite. I would throw my name on anything. He inspires me every single day, and I’m so happy that he is getting the recognition and credit that he deserves.”

West gives his wife the “confidence” she needs to follow her dreams, and she feels lucky to have a spouse that supports her in all she does.

She said in a promotional clip for her E! reality show, she said: “The fact that he is supporting me in this journey, knowing that for the next four years it would take time away from him and our kids, means a lot to me. And, gives me the confidence that I really need. And that, like, extra push of someone around me to be like, ‘I know you can do it. You got this!’ … I don’t know what to do. How am I gonna have another kid? How am I gonna study? How am I gonna read? How am I gonna do this all? … I think you could get in control of your schedule.

“You just gotta, like, sit back and analyze. Like, what are your distractions? Once you manage your time, you’ll be able to manage your time to be able to give attention to me, attention to the kids and attention to the law that you’re passionate about.”

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