Why White rapper G-Eazy says he was treated better in Sweden than A$AP Rocky

Why White rapper G-Eazy says he was treated better in Sweden than A$AP Rocky
A$AP Rocky. (Photo: Instagram – @asvpxrocky)

Rapper G-Eazy blasted the Swedish government for treating him much favorably than they have A$AP Rocky – even though they allegedly committed similar crimes.

In fact, G-Eazy, born Gerald Earl Gillum, a 30-year-old caucasian rapper from Oakland, committed a worse crime than A$AP Rocky allegedly did.

A$AP, who is also a 30-year-old rapper but was born on the opposite coast of the continental United States in Harlem, New York, has been languishing away in deplorable conditions inside a Swedish prison for committing assault. G-Eazy was charged with assault for punching a bouncer as well as snorting cocaine through a dollar bill.

Despite the two charges, G-Eazy was allowed to plead out and leave the Swedish jail after just 36 hours. A$AP has been in jail for the past three weeks and may spend much longer, according to reports coming out of Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Prosecutors are planning to indict A$AP for allegedly beating down a fan, despite video evidence that clearly indicates that the two pesky fans were the aggressors and assaulted A$AP’s crew first.

G-Eazy knows that he got a sweet deal and that there is a huge disparity between how he and A$AP were handled by Swedish authorities. Talking to his eight million Instagram followers, G-Eazy reposted a TMZ story on the matter, saying:


G-Eazy’s post got more than a half-million likes.

Even Jada Pinkett Smith weighed in on the extremely conspicuous disparity in treatment between the two rappers:

Worse, even the power of the White House and influence of Kim Kardashian has failed to get A$AP out. Moreover, TMZ got ahold of a press release from Swedish prosecutors that initially stated they intend to indict A$AP for assault. Another statement released later, according to TMZ, then said Swedish authorities are considering indicting Rocky.

If convicted of the alleged assault, Rocky is staring at up to six years in a Swedish prison.

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