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Wendy Williams says rappers shouldn’t boycott Sweden to support A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky arrives at the Knicks game in NYC. (Photo credit: Ron Asadorian / Splash News)

While some rappers have vowed to never set foot in the country of Sweden becuase of the treatment of jailed emcee A$AP Rocky, talk show host Wendy Williams said no one should avoid the country at all.

Yes, Williams wants A$AP Rocky to go free and, yes, she believes he was baited into losing his cool and beating down the aggressive fan in the streets of Stockholm on May 30. But Williams doesn’t see why others should not get the bag by avoiding the country.

“Free A$AP Rocky. Like we said on the show, people have a problem with American celebrities. Because of the internet, it is very easy to bait the celebrity into something,” she said.

“You and I are having a civil conversation,” she told the interviewer. “But celebrities get so weirded out, like, when you smack the camera down. Why did you fall into it?”

But that’s no reason for others to avoid a big payday. For example, A$AP is averaging about $100,000 per performance. Why give that up when you can just obey the law and not fall for the wayward fan trying to get a reaction out of you?