Racist cartoon punishes White girl by making her ‘ugly’ and Black (video)

Racist cartoon punishes White girl by making her 'ugly' and Black (video)
Animated TV show “Dina and the Prince.” (Photo: Instagram – @YouTube/MyPinguTV)

Social media exploded when a YouTube cartoon program featured a beautiful White angel girl getting punished for being bad by being transformed into an “ugly” Black girl —replete with darkened skin, scarred face and unkempt bushy hair.

The YouTube program “My Pingu TV” recently posted an episode of “Dina and the Prince,” where the White female angel, who is very pretty, is forbidden to reveal to her husband that she is an angel, according to Yahoo.com.

But Dina can’t resist and does speak to him. Subsequently, Dina the angel is punished and cursed to become something “ugly,” which includes having her skin darkened and her hair transformed from straight to curly and bushy.

“Dina turns,” says the narrator of ‘

Racist cartoon punishes White girl by making her 'ugly' and Black (video)
“Dina and the Prince.” (Photo: Instagram – @YouTube/MyPinguTV)

Dina and the Prince’, “and we see that she is not as beautiful. Her glow is gone and her face is scarred.”

“I am so sorry,” Dina cries to her prince, “… and now I am ugly.” The husband comforts Dina despite becoming ugly. “You love me so much that you gave up your beauty for me, Dina! You think I care how you look? I love you!”

Dina makes good with her husband and he forgives her, so she is transformed back into a beautiful White girl again.

Of course, Black Twitter lost its mind when it learned of the premise of the show, saying this was a premeditated slight against Blacks replete with flagrant, unfiltered racism at its worst.

After the blowback, the creators of “Dina and the Prince” tried to apologize.

“We sincerely apologize. We and our animation team made a great mistake. We assure you that it was unintentional and we promise that it won’t happen again,” read the apology.

Racist cartoon punishes White girl by making her 'ugly' and Black (video)

But, as far as Black Twitter is concerned, the creators of “Dina and the Prince” knew exactly what they were doing. The creators and producers of the cartoon show saw and approved the final version before they put the show in the air, and therefore the apology was not accepted.


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