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Reginae Carter admits making ‘fool of herself’ in spying on boyfriend YFN Lucci

Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci (Photo: [email protected])

Reality TV star Reginae Carter admits she finally reached her breaking point in her relationship with rapper YFN Lucci after admitting to spying on him, according to her own social media posts.

The relationship was heavily scrutinized from the outset because of the large age gap, as Carter was 19 at the time she got involved with Lucci, who was then 27.

In a series of tweets, Carter, now 20, explained how she broke up with Lucci, who is now 28, after spying on him at Lil Boosie’s sexually-explicit “cucumber party” this past weekend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Lil Boosie threw the bash at his mansion in Baton Rouge to celebrate rapper Trouble’s birthday. The party got scandalous quickly as members of the party initiated a cucumber-sucking contest. And, according to Complex magazine, VH1 star Alexis Skyy used the vegetable on a female member of the party in a manner that is not repeatable for family publications.

Carter crashed the party to see if YFN Lucci was engaged in deal-breaking activities at the party as the rapper had been rumored to be doing often behind her back.

“I’ve made myself look like a fool for this man,” an embarrassed Carter said in a series of Twitter posts. “I apologize for allowing you guys to see it.”

Carter is also on the receiving end of much grief because, not long ago, she went on Instagram Live to forcefully denounce the “Cucumber Challenge” that had taken off on YouTube. So her appearance at the party was deemed hypocritical.

Carter also has previously criticized Lucci for being a part of sexually-explicit activity she believes degrades women. Lucci, who was born Rashawn Bennett in Atlanta, has a daughter among his four children.

Lucci’s continual involvement in this activity may have been the last straw for Carter as she indicated in a series of tweets.

Hit the flip to see Carter blasting the “Cucumber Challenge.” It took off in popularity after one of Jill Scott’s concert performances was leaked online, sparking the contest.

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