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YNW Melly to release album in jail while facing the death penalty

Photo: Broward County Jail

Rapper YNW Melly revealed that he will release a new album while facing time in prison for murder. On a recent Instagram post, Melly appeared in a photo wearing an orange jailhouse suit. The caption read, “Melly Vs. Marvin is coming soon.”

Melly continues to garner national attention with his music while incarcerated. According to the Recording Industry Association of America  the rapper’s song “Murder On My Mind” is officially a double-platinum-selling record. The track, originally released two years ago, first reached gold status on Jan. 10.

Melly faces charges from an alleged murder that occurred in October 2018 in Broward County, Florida. Mellyho was 19 at the time was in a car driven by 20-year-old Cortlen Henry. Anthony Williams, 21, and Christopher Thomas Jr., 19, were also in the car.

During the trip, Melly allegedly shot and killed Williams and Thomas. Once the two were dead, Melly and Henry got out of the vehicle, and Melly allegedly fired more gunshots at the car. They would later drive their deceased friends to the hospital.

When authorities questioned Melly and Henry, both claimed they were victims of a drive-by shooting. But after further investigation, authorities determined that Williams and Thomas were shot at close range. Melly also allegedly had gun residue on his hand.

Due to the callousness of the crime, prosecutors are calling for Melly to face the death penalty if convicted.