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French Montana thinks he and Drake are like ‘brothers in a past life’

French Montana (Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton / Splash News

French Montana thinks he and Drake are like “brothers in a past life.”

The 34-year-old rap star and Drake, 32, are long-time friends, and Montana admits that the sincerity of their relationship is hard to find in the music business.

He told Haute Living magazine: “You don’t meet a lot of real friends in the game, so when you meet somebody where the relationship is real, you need to capture that feeling and keep that relationship as solid as you can because you don’t find a lot of people like that.

“Out of a 1,000 people, you might meet 10 that are really organic with you and show you, genuine love. That’s me and Drake. We had the same mother and father – we are brothers in a past life.”

According to Montana, it’s rare that he and Drake ever talk about their respective music projects.

The rapper – who previously dated reality TV star Khloé Kardashian – shared: “When we get together, we usually don’t talk about work because we’re friends.

“If he likes something, he’ll tell me. Usually, people are around you to benefit somehow or take something from you, but I feel like artists need to get away from that and need peace of mind.”