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‘Don’t Let Go’ demonstrates how the strongest bonds transcend time and space

Don't Let Go Demonstrates

Don’t Let Go stars David Oyelowo and Storm Reid at the “Clips & Conversation” event on Aug. 8, 2019, during the National Association of Black Journalists’ annual convention and career fair in Miami. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/South Beach Photo)

The loving relationship between an uncle and his beloved niece is interrupted by a heinous crime in Don’t Let Go, a new film directed by Jacob Aaron Estes.

Ashley (Storm Reid, “Euphoria”) and her Uncle Jack (David Oyelowo, Selma) have an inseparable bond born from the absenteeism by Ashley’s parents. After receiving a frantic call from Ashley, Jack arrives at her home to find her murdered. He then discovers that Ashley’s father (Brian Tyree Henry) and mother (Shinnelle Azoroh) are dead, too.

Drowning in his grief, Jack begins to receive phone calls from his deceased niece. Discussing the details of her final days, Jack sets out to reconstruct time and reverse Ashley’s murder.

Don’t Let Go suggests that one can alter the effects of the past to create a new future. Inconsolable after Ashley’s death, Jack begs and pleads for the chance to change the past. When the phone rings and the opportunity arises, he uses all he knows to help flush out her killer, which includes enlisting help from his co-workers. Over the course of three days, Jack must figure out who killed his niece or risk losing her forever.

Don’t Let Go is the latest release from Blumhouse Productions (Get Out, Us). Reid and Oyelowo’s bond on-screen is undeniable. Reunited for the first time since A Wrinkle in Time, the uncle-niece duo make every moment count. The journey to the finish is an emotional ending with the revelation of Ashley’s killer.

Ultimately Don’t Let Go illustrates how pure love can triumph despite the enemy’s best efforts.

Don’t Let Go opens in theaters on Friday, Aug. 30, in theaters worldwide.