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Popeyes employees held at gunpoint by mob craving chicken sandwiches

Photo credit: Shutterstock .com/Jeramey Lende

The Popeyes chicken sandwich craze has reached a new low. The chicken sandwich mania initially began as good-natured banter on social media, but it has now inspired criminals to react with violence.

During the Labor Day holiday, a group consisting of two women, three men and a baby drove to the drive-thru at a Houston-area Popeyes, according to KHOU. When the group asked for chicken sandwiches, the employees at the fast-food chain told them they no longer had the popular food item at the restaurant.

The group became upset, parked their SUV and attempted to enter the restaurant while leaving the baby inside of the vehicle alone. The group allegedly attempted to rush inside the restaurant while demanding the chicken sandwich at gunpoint.

However, one of the employees at Popeyes was able to lock the door, keeping the would-be robbers outside of the restaurant. The group eventually drove away in their SUV before the police arrived at the scene.

Authorities are currently reviewing surveillance footage of the incident to find the suspects who could face aggravated assault charges.

Since early August, Popeyes has been able to create a craze for its chicken sandwich. The sandwich inspired memes, jokes, songs, and dances that helped Popeyes go viral on social media. As a result, long lines formed at Popeyes restaurants across the nation, as people made it a point to purchase the new highly-touted chicken sandwich.

However, Popeyes recently announced that they sold out of the chicken sandwiches and would not offer the item until further notice.