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V-103’s ‘The Morning Culture’ makes rush-hour news

V-103’s The Morning Culture hosts JR, Frank Ski and Jade Novah Photo credit: Entercom radio

Frank Ski, Atlanta’s irrepressible veteran of radio talk, joined by internet sensations Jade Novah and JR launched “The Morning Culture” in January of 2019. The trio of cultural influencers — Ski, along with Novah, a singer and actress whose videos have received more than 55 million online views, and JR, a sports devotee with 80 million-plus online views — has been making waves at The People’s Station V-103 since the start. With devoted listeners tuning in every weekday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m to get the latest in news, music and entertainment, “The Morning Culture” is rocking drivetime radio in a way not often seen or heard.

Rolling out spoke with the stars of Atlanta’s top station for hip-hop and R&B regarding their unparalleled commitment to their listeners and the community at large.

Describe your brand, and how do you use it to uplift and motivate your listeners?

Ski: Our brand can be described as fun, caring and informative. … We take the daily stresses out of our listeners’ lives while keeping them informed and motivated throughout their day.

V-103 has a long history of being the community station. What new and innovative programming are you bringing to that tradition?

Ski: We’re always looking for new ways to keep our content fresh and innovative. Examples of this would be the [show’s] Culture Report, Daily Inspiration Vitamins, our evolving show topics and interviews, as well as our social media platforms. All of these components of our show are ways for us to interact with our listeners personally.

Innovation is important. What makes ‘The Morning Culture” innovative?

Novah: What makes us innovative is our experience with both social media and radio. Using both platforms allows our listeners the opportunity to weigh in on hot topics and become a part of our show. We love having conversations with listeners on social media and on-air.

How do you define innovation, and how do you bring it to “The Morning Culture” show?

Novah: Innovation is doing something in a way that’s never been done before. All three of us come from unique backgrounds that go beyond traditional radio. We are all uniquely rooted in so many different pieces of Atlanta culture that we don’t just talk about the culture. We are connected to the culture.

What emotion do you want listeners to feel when they wake up listing to ‘The Morning Culture”?

JR: We want them to feel connected, personal and as if they’re listening to their friends on the radio. We want to make them feel that listening to our show is a valuable part of their daily routines.

How do you define what millennial radio sounds like today?

JR: Millennials want to interact with the show in more ways than just calling in. They want to see what is behind the scenes and participate in the content on social media. They’re just as much a part of the show as we are.