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Cardi B claps back at trolls criticizing women for having plastic surgery

Cardi B (Photo Credit: Bang Media)

Cardi B has spoken out against trolls criticizing her for having plastic surgery.

The “Clout” rapper used Instagram to share a video of her ranting about the “s—” she gets for having cosmetic work done and called for women to start “uplifting each other.”

She captioned the clip: “Am I bugging? Women talk about uplifting each other, but are we really uplifting each other?”

She then fumed: “Let me tell you somethin’: I don’t like talkin’ s— about [a] b—-‘s body because I remember the struggle, baby.

“I remember when I had no mother—-in’ t—es, and I remember when I had a fun-size a–.

“I only come at people about their body when they’re talking s— about me.”

The 26-year-old star – who has 12-month-old daughter Kulture with husband Offset – then blasted “natural b—-es” who are judgemental despite having “gotten their bodies done.”

She continued: “Y’all going to be like ‘Oh, she thinks she all that because she got her body done.’ Click here to continue

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