Marketing consultant for Murray’s, Patricia Bailey, discusses new campaign

Marketing consultant for Murray's, Patricia Bailey, discusses new campaign
Patricia Bailey (Photo by A.R. Shaw)

Patricia Bailey is the founder of the PBailey Group, a strategic planning business group where she manages product development, channel marketing, and promotion planning. She is a graduate of Chicago State University and Northeastern Illinois University. Prior to starting her company in 2003, Bailey was an executive for seven years at Pro-Line International. Rolling out spoke with Bailey at the 2019 Black Enterprise Conference.

What are you doing at Murray’s?

I have the pleasure of being a marketing sales consultant for Murray’s Worldwide Inc. company, [where] we have a myriad of brands. In terms of Walmart, we have the Murray’s can with its iconic representations, the Orange Candy. Most people know that if you want a 360 wave, that’s what it’s going to take. There’s also ISOPLUS. All these major brands are part of the Walmart portfolio, which is why we were invited to be a part of this experience.

Tell me about the new ISOPLUS campaign?

I think it’s always important to reinvigorate a brand, but in particular, ISOPLUS is such a large brand within the Walmart portfolio in terms of overall distribution. Walmart is so community-centric that it’s an opportunity for us to now go back out into the community and talk about the brand through a new lens. Click here to continue

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