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David and Tamela Mann creating buzz with Tillymann Entertainment

Are there any projects scheduled to be released?

David: Tamela’s new gospel project and my comedy special will be released in 2020.

On a more personal note, Tamela you are on your Weight Watchers journey, and you have lost 40 pounds. What has the journey been like for you and how do people join you?

Tamela: They can join me at It has been a great journey. Every day it is not easy because you have to pick and choose what you put in your mouth. They made it so much easier because you have an app that has different restaurants on it and you can see how much points the different foods will be. It has given me an accountability partner.

What has it been like working with Tyler Perry?

David: You know we have not been together on stage together for, like, 14 years. Just to see the audience response to the characters coming back out was amazing. Just for him to share that platform with everybody and it has been a wonderful journey. In January, we will be back on the road to finish out the Madea’s Farewell Play Tour.

What is next for you?

Tamela: I have my Tamela Mann activewear. You can go to I started with a small launch and I’m adding more pieces for the fall. Sizes run from 12 to 32 because I am aiming at my thick girls. Eventually, I am going to venture into a clothing line as well but I wanted to start with the activewear.

David: I am getting more into producing movies and television, we’re developing new producers, writers, and directors and a Tamela’s cookbook.


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