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Why Kim Kardashian begging Texas gov. not to execute Rodney Reed

After about a decade of being at the epicenter of pop culture as the queen of reality TV, Kim Kardashian…

3 hours ago

Michael Jordan on why he was not outspoken like LeBron is now (video)

Michael Jordan is known as the greatest basketball player the NBA has ever produced. He was also famously aloof and…

4 hours ago

The Imaginarium Film and Music Festival talk with Robert Townsend and Bill Duke

Future filmmakers were front row during the Legends Panel with Robert Townsend and Bill Duke at the Imaginarium Film and…

5 hours ago

High school coach recalls terrifying moment he disarms student (video)

Former NFL coach Keanon Lowe recalls with vivid clarity the moment he came face-to-face with a teen armed with a…

5 hours ago

LisaRaye blames Duane Martin for ruining her marriage (video)

Actress LisaRaye has been getting some unresolved interpersonal stuff off her chest lately. First, the Players Club actress adamantly accuses…

6 hours ago

NBA and NFL stars paying for Atatiana Jefferson’s funeral

Stars from the NBA and NFL have stepped up to pay the entire cost of the funeral of Atatiana Jefferson,…

6 hours ago