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Donae Burston delivers with new luxury product that celebrates all things rosé

The term “culture” is being used by everyone in the marketing profession. What does culture mean to you?

It depends on [who and what] the target audience is. There is Black culture … but there is also skate culture for the kids that skateboard, Latin culture, etc. Overall, I think culture just means the identification and acknowledgment of the people, places, things, and nuance’s that are important to [a] particular group of people.

Name two brands that are using music to propel their brands. What is unique about their approach?

Nike & Adidas, both are actively signing music artists to shoe and apparel deals. They are leveraging the artists’ music and likeness to create brands or capsule collections to move the needle. Nike has Travis Scott and Drake, Adidas has Pharrell and Kanye.

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