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Mixed Chicks CEO Kim Etheredge discusses company longevity and new product line

How have you overcome business challenges over the years?

It’s like a roller coaster and you just got to put your seat belt on and ride it. It can be very frustrating, however, I think it’s about truly believing in what you do, not doubting yourself and staying committed to the purpose. I think that’s how you continue to win and continue to grow. 

Tell me about your new Mixed Chicks collection?

We have a new collection called Hair Four Days.  I have a leave-in spray, which refreshes detangles and moisturizes the curls. I have a volumizer for the second day that’s like a mousse that refreshes without having to rewash your hair. We have a calming cream like a moisturizer [that] goes on dry hair. So whether you want to smooth it on from the root to the end, or you want to put your hair up in any updos or ponytails, [you will] still have those fresh curls at the end. I have a fabulous perfume spray, that takes the odor out and refreshes the smell of the hair.

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