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Lulu’s Holistics raises the bar with organic skin care line

Photo courtesy of Lulu’s Holistics

Lulu’s Holistics promotes beauty that is truly skin-deep with its line of handcrafted natural skin and hair products made from certified organic ingredients and essential oils.

The North Lauderdale, Florida based beauty company founded by Jahnet Frederick and her daughter, Deannee Santiago, has carved out a thriving niche in the billion-dollar natural skin care industry by offering long-term solutions for achieving healthy, glowing skin.

Lulu’s Holistics features a full line of unisex soaps, body butters, deodorants, face creams and serums with therapeutic properties that heal from the inside out. Its holistic approach to caring for the skin delivers visible results that have customers clamoring for more and social media buzzing. 

Frederick spoke with rolling out about Lulu’s Holistics’ humble beginnings, health benefits and raising autism awareness in the Caribbean one sale at a time. 

How did the idea for holistic skincare come about? 

Working in the beauty industry from the age of 16, I always paid attention to the details, not only about the product presentation but also about key ingredients. I realized that many of the ingredients were unpronounceable and could be damaging to the body.

I eventually became obsessed with natural products that we could use in skincare. I realized it’s not just about the skin — it’s about the body as a whole. I applied my craving for more holistic knowledge to studying holistic skincare as a whole. I was able to go deeper and become a certified holistic formulator.

What organic ingredients are found in Lulu’s Holistics products, and how do they benefit the appearance of the skin? 

One of our more popular products is our turmeric soap. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which can naturally help clear up acne and skin discoloration. Shea butter is another key ingredient. It has natural anti-aging properties that help moisturize dry skin and naturally restore the elasticity of the skin. Click here to continue.

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