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Dr. Tosha Rogers creates laundry detergent with a focus on feminine hygiene

What are tips for women to improve their feminine hygiene?

Panties have a 6-9 month shelf life. Never keep your panties for more than a year. That’s why they are only $5. Your panties and bras should be washed in a load alone, not with outside clothes or anything else. All dirt is not equal. Less is more when it comes to bathing. Please use soap ladies, but no bubble bath, no body wash, no perfumed soap, no deodorant soap, no wipes, and no feminine wash. Dove white bar soap only. Keep it simple. Please stop inserting things into your vagina because you can’t be sure of how your vagina will respond. I’ve heard about coconut oil, garlic cloves, beads of some sort, etc. The vagina is a mucous membrane and contact with it is a direct route into the bloodstream. Everything that’s “natural” is not always good.

Where can women purchase Clean and Cute Panty Wash?

Clean and Cute Panty wash can be purchased on Amazon and the website,

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