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Jasmine Burke shines in BET’s romantic comedy ‘Angrily Ever After’

Actress Jasmine Burke (Photo by Terry Shropshire for Steed Media Service)

For a while, comedy character Tia Logan’s life was rolling along as smoothly as the silky hair that cascades down past her shoulders like a waterfall. In BET’s romantic comedy “Angrily Ever After” starring the magnetic Jasmine Burke, Logan seemingly has it all: she is photogenic, charismatic and versatile with the glam TV gig, the idyllic home and what she thought was the perfect man.

But in a dizzying 24-hour period, a comical succession of misfortune crashes down on Logan like a tornado bearing down on a trailer park: she loses her man, her home, her TV anchor job at WBX DC and nearly her mind. So the rest is about the rebound.

Contrary to the character she plays, these are great times for Burke, who revealed to rolling out that she recently got engaged, is starring in the No. 1 TV show for Black people on Sunday nights (“Saints and Sinners”), has her single coming out called “Takeover,” and is has landed her first starring role with “Angrily Ever After.”

“I am just so excited, you guys. This is such a great time for me, to be in charge of my creativity and to do what I really want to do,” Burke told rolling out. “And to see my career really blossom, I just feel very blessed.”

For Burke, the movie is the representation of what she calls “Black girl magic” as the film was directed by a Black woman (Terry J. Vaughn), written by a Black woman (Cas Sigers-Beedles) and was made for a Black network for a Black audience.

Burke also embraced the challenge of playing a woman who was coasting along on that magic carpet ride of a life and floating above the crowd before she ran into some turbulence that caused her to nosedive emotionally and crash.

“It’s about a young, Black millennial woman and having it all and having a career, then losing it, and having to rediscover who she is,” she told rolling out’s Christal Jordan, “and getting to start over again from scratch. And that’s real life.” Click here continue

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