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Keya James used her natural hair journey to launch a booming business

Keya James, CEO of Tailored Beauty Products. (Photo provided)

Keya James wears many hats and entrepreneur is among them. She is the CEO of Tailored Beauty Products, a natural hair care line based around herbs with healing properties. Raised in the public housing projects of the Bronx, New York, learned quickly about life and how to hustle and grind. Upon graduating from college, James continued her grind in Atlanta, where she started a family and built her natural hair care line.

What is your day-to-day routine like at work? 

As the CEO of Tailored Beauty, I take on many tasks each day. Last year Tailored Beauty expanded, so a typical day can be hectic. I travel to a lot for conferences and tradeshows. My days include business calls and correspondence to emails. Tailored Beauty is an e-commerce brand, so I spend a lot of time engaging with customers on social media. I also produce content for my YouTube channel — KeyaJames. My content primarily focuses on haircare and entrepreneurship for small businesses.

How did you determine your career path? 

I started creating YouTube videos about haircare in 2013 after my daughter was born. I wanted to use natural products on her hair, so I began creating products in my kitchen and showcasing them on my channel. My husband encouraged me to sell the products online, which I did and the response was overwhelming. Soon after, my husband and I created Tailored Beauty.

Describe the skills that will be essential for future entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators.

Discipline and teachability are skills needed to be successful. Discipline in your personal life will really determine your success as an entrepreneur.  If you are not disciplined, it is very hard to manage a business. Discipline is anything from sticking to a schedule, diet, or even managing money correctly. You also have to be willing to learn. Immerse yourself in education by listening to podcasts, watching YouTube, and reading or listening to audible books. There is so much that can be learned from other successful people. Click here to continue

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