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Kobe Bryant ranked 14th all-time best in NBA, LeBron listed No. 2, angering fans

LeBron James (Photo Credit: Splash News)

Kobe Bryant fans are on fire right now after the “Bleacher Report” listed the “Black Mamba” as the 14th greatest player of all time. They believe that listing is too low. Most fans believe that Bryant is the closest thing to a replica to the all-time greatest, Michael Jordan, that the NBA has ever seen.

Bryant’s chief rival during his playing era, LeBron James, is ranked No. 2, behind Michael Jordan, which angers Bryant disciples even further since Bryant was seen as the ultimate closer, assassin and the fact that Bryant has five NBA championships to King James’ three.

LeBron fans, however, counter with the fact that King James is the only player in NBA history who ranks in the Top 10 all-time in points scored (4th), assists (10th), and triple-doubles (5th), and was considered a better all-around player than Bryant ever was.

Bryant fans sounded off on Twitter in defense of one of the greatest the NBA has ever seen.