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DaBaby’s female fan gets knocked out cold by his security (video)

Rapper DaBaby (Photo: Instagram – @dababy)

The casualty count of fans approaching DaBaby continues to rise. Despite the fact that DaBaby’s security team already has a reputation of pummeling fans who bumrush to greet him or get an autograph, folks keep trying him.

It happened again in New Orleans where DaBaby, 27, was performing at the Free Water Block Party In New Orleans, according to TMZ.

Per usual, DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, jumped into the crowd about 30 minutes into his performance. But one female was, in DaBaby’s opinion, too aggressive for his liking. You can see in the video DaBaby shoving the woman away.

Apparently, this female fan did not get the memo about DaBaby beatdowns in recent months of people who persist getting next to the Cleveland-born emcee.

When the female and others continued to touch DaBaby, despite being pushed away, security unfurled a punch combo that put the fan to sleep.

According to the entertainment outlet, the show was shut down after the incident.