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Why Tyler Perry declares his studio is as good as Hollywood’s best

“When I went to Atlanta in 1992, I came with a dream,” Perry said. “I’m looking at everything I’ve dreamed and more to come to pass. It just reminds me. I just thought this was the Promised Land and that sign reminded me of that every time I pass it. The studio is a reminder as well.”

According to WXGA-TV Perry said his sprawling studio rivals other major Hollywood studios including Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures. It’s considered one of the largest production studios in the country with 12 soundstages, 40 buildings on-site that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and more than 200 acres of green space.

Tyler Perry Studios was built on a former Army base called Fort McPherson near downtown Atlanta after purchasing the land in 2015.

“I gave them the absolute best,” he said. “I built the absolute best I could. … We have excellent service and everything you would expect to have in a major film television studio.”

The studio is the site of more Perry projects. He recently partnered with Viacom to launch the BET Plus streaming service. He’ll also have two new drama series, “The Oval” and “Sistas,” which premieres this month on BET.


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