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Kid Capri’s daughter Vina Love is crowned the ‘Princess of R&B soul’

Vina Love (Photo courtesy of Vina Love Management)

“Princess of R&B soul.” That’s a heavy title for any newcomer to the music scene.

All eyes have been on the beautiful Vina Love since her single “Air” dropped in 2017.  The track was so good that it got the attention of hip-hop legend Snoop Dog for the remix, which was released later that year.

Vina Love, the daughter of DJ legend Kid Capri, brings her own unique brand of charm to the mic. She raps, she sings and, recently, she’s been seen on WE tv’s “Growing Up Hip Hop NYC.”  It’s obvious that Love has a lot to say and even more to sing about, so rolling out caught up with her to find out more.

You are not a typical artist. How would you define your sound?

I would define my personal brand as classy yet edgy, fashionably versatile, [and] old vibes with the new. I would define my sound to be every sense of the term “R&B and hip-hop.” You’ll receive the melodic flows and emotional lyrics and still catch the clever punchlines with that hip-hop bounce.

What are the benefits and or drawbacks of having such a well-known parent? 

The benefit of having such a well-known parent is when you hear the name Kid Capri people will stop and listen long enough to be told about his daughter Vina Love.  It becomes consistent exposure for myself as an artist just by coming up in conversation. Did I use to feel that having a well-known parent would hinder my journey? Yes. As I progress I noticed that if you’re talented it will speak for itself no matter who your parent is.

How would you describe your experience on “Growing Up Hip Hop?” Do you think you’ll do another season?    

My experience with “GUHH” was very eye-opening. Everything you say and do on-air, others are watching and will have an opinion.  I also learned that if you can’t handle the spotlight, and all that comes with it, you might not be prepared for a career in the industry. You have to control what people know about you, and what you show the world. Will I do another season? We’ll just have to wait and see. 

Let’s talk about your latest project. 

My latest project which is my unreleased album named “Love Talk” was inspired by relationships I have been in as well as relationships I’ve witnessed. My girls and I would talk about our partners and we’d all have different stories. It’s a conversation about love in all aspects of many different view-points — negative and positive.

Vina Love’s new single “Drip” is streaming on all platforms now. Love is having a video release party for the single on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019, at Taj II in New York City. For more details follow her on Instagram at @vina_love.