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Community Leadership » 24-year-old Jariel Jones fighting hunger in Atlanta with Feed the Streetz

24-year-old Jariel Jones fighting hunger in Atlanta with Feed the Streetz

Jariel Jones (Photo provided by Feed the Streetz Foundation)

Jariel Jones, also known as Skate, is a pillar in his community. The Atlanta-area native has worked as a party promoter and host before establishing his nonprofit foundation, Feed The Streetz.

The Feed The Streetz Foundation is geared toward fighting homelessness. Jones and his team host events across Georgia, where they feed homeless Atlantans and encourage positivity.

Rolling out spoke with Jones to get insight into the work of the foundation.

What are your responsibilities at Feed the Streetz?

I am the founder of the organization. The leadership role I have in the foundation is to make sure we as an organization stay on a positive path as far as our mission of helping those less fortunate. [I also manage] the day-to-day activities of the foundation.

What is your commitment to the community?

My commitment to the community is to one day end poverty for all. It may sound crazy to others, but it’s a huge goal and mission that I have committed myself to. One day, with God’s help, I am going to achieve that goal. My other commitment is to help decrease violence in the community. I want young people around my age, in their 20s and even younger, to have more awareness of poverty and beating the system and not get caught up in it. It’s easy to get caught in it, but hard to get out.

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