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Singer Lightskin Bobby aims for ‘worldwide’ recognition

(Photo Credit: Jeremy Anderson)

From talent show champ to Apollo Theater talent, Atlanta singer Lightskin Bobby has been an entertainer for much of his life. With the recent release of his third project Worldwide coupled with a stage name change, he’s working towards taking his music to the next level while people get more familiar with his artistry.

What is your full given name, and what is your stage name?

My birth name is Breyon Sweeting, but I go by Lightskin Bobby. Honestly, I used to have my music under a different name, but after a trip to Miami, I started going by Lightskin Bobby. The name just stuck and it made sense branding-wise.

Where were you born, and where do you live now?

I was born and raised in Atlanta, on the eastside. And though I no longer reside on the eastside, I continue to live and build my career in Atlanta.

You are not a typical artist. How would you define your personal brand?

My personal brand is original, staying true to where I come from. A lot of people tend to want to sound like someone else, but I always took my time and wanted people to know me, for me.

Lightskin Bobby is the name and brand that allows me to be me, at all times, no matter what kind of music I’m doing. That way, you can’t put me in a box, because I might sing one song, rap another song, or do a fusion of both.

In general, what led you to music?

My family. Growing up, I was [surrounded] with music since two-years-old. No matter if it was in the car or just watching it on television, seeing different performers like Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown. I just wanted to be able to have control of a crowd like them. It consumed me.

What was the inspiration behind your latest project?

Worldwide is my third project. I feel like the next step for me after establishing a brand was to take it worldwide. It means the masses. It means being known in different countries.

It means being able to tour around the world and not being stagnant or put into a situation where you can only have certain types of shows or a particular audience. I want to be able to touch the masses so that’s why I named it Worldwide.

What is next for you?
I’m working on my fourth project titled, Last of A Dying Breed. It’s the elevation from worldwide, letting people get a more personal side of me so that the fans can know that I’m a real person who goes through real-life situations.

I want to let them live it with me through my music. We’re going to put that project out February 2020 and I want to do a lot fo traveling and a lot of promo for it.