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Wendy Williams takes son on a racy field trip

Wendy Williams (Picture by: Janet Mayer / Splash News)

Wendy Williams recently delivered an unorthodox life lesson to her son.

Williams took her son to a strip club and taught him how to “make it rain.”

The 55-year-old TV star has revealed the unique way in which she set about teaching her 19-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and her nephew a very unusual life lesson during a recent trip to Los Angeles.

Speaking on her talk show, Williams explained: “First of all, I didn’t think anything of this was going to be happening, Second of all, I think a guy is supposed to go with their father if they wanna go to a strip club.

“He asked me, like, three months ago, ‘Mom, take me to a strip club.’ Are you outta your mind!?

“But, when we were out in L.A., somehow the spirit hit me …”

However, Williams was initially unimpressed with how her son was spending his money in the club.

She continued: “I’m like, ‘What’s wrong with you two!?’ You gotta make it rain!”

Williams recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And she subsequently revealed what the honor means to her son.

The veteran TV star explained: “My son is here with me … he’s only 19, he’s only known me as Mom with the microphone, and then Mom in the headlines, and Mom saying out-of-order stuff.

“So, this star means everything. Because now he’s got something to look at and say, ‘My mom did it.’ ”



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