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Khloe Kardashian’s buddy Malika Haqq shows off growing baby bump (photo)

Malika Haqq (Photo Credit: Instagram – @forevermalika)

Khloe Kardashian’s ride-or-die friend Malika Haqq has provided her first update on her pregnancy.

Haqq, 36, took to Instagram to share her exciting journey as a first-time mom as she cradled her growing baby bump.

“As a first time mom, being able to turn to friends who have kids is so helpful, but there is so much comfort in leaning on other expecting moms,” the star of the urban classic film  ATL wrote in her post’s caption.

She then sang the praises of the mommy Tinder, continuing, “Joining @peanut has provided a much needed support system. The @peanut app introduces you to women in your neighborhood who are at a similar stage in life. You can chat, get advice and ultimately learn from one another. Having a community of women to turn to is so special. We are expecting, we are raising the next generation of 2020 babies, so sign up and join the conversation with me!”