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Tank: Men giving oral sex to men does not make them gay; Twitter reacts (video)

R&B crooner Tank caused quite the ruckus on social media after suggesting that a man giving another man oral sex more than once does not define his sexual orientation.

Tank appeared on Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” podcast as he made the promotional rounds for his album Elevation. Yee, one of the stars of “The Breakfast Club” morning radio show, was joined on the podcast by co-stars Stephanie Santiago, GiGi Maguire, and Lore’l.

The proverbial baton was passed around the room as the four discussed sexuality when Lore’l brought up ex-boyfriend, who she called a liar about the times he got with a man.

Tank, who was born Durrell Babbs, 43, explained to the all-female panel that a man performing oral sex on another man once from an experimentation standpoint does not make him gay.

“He’s not a liar. He just lied twice,” Tank said. “So, let’s say a guy sucked a d— one time.”

“Let’s say twice,” Yee interjected.

While Tank said “twice is excessive,” he countered that it doesn’t mean the man is gay.

“He sucked a d— once, right? Then, he’s like I’m not sure if I liked it or not. Let me try it again, and then he says, ‘You know what? ‘It’s not for me. Don’t like the taste.’ See what I’m saying?” Tank explained.

“It doesn’t mean he’s gay. It means he sucked d— twice. The art of being gay is being gay. It’s a continuous state of being.”

Check out the discussion on this topic beginning at about the five-minute mark in the video below:


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