Stylist Jacq Flock opens up about working with Jerrika Karlae

Jacq Flock (Photo by Dennis – Instagram @dennis247_)

Jacq Showell, aka Jacq Flock, is a stylist and fashion connoisseur. The Philadephia native moved to Atlanta when he was 19 to pursue a fashion career. In November of 2018, he went from working a day job to styling full time. In just under a year, the 24-year-old has built his brand and gained celebrity clientele. His ultimate goal is to design a luxury streetwear brand while inspiring the youth. Rolling out spoke with him about his journey as a stylist.

What was your introduction to fashion?

[My mother] has always been a fashionable mom and she taught me a lot about fashion. I’ve always been inspired by magazines and CD covers. I’ve always been obsessed with Aliyah and her fashion being a mix of femininity and masculinity.  When I get dressed and when I work with clients, I love that balance. Prince, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and Rihanna are my favorite influences. I don’t like trendy things, I like people who have their own unique style and know-how to just be themselves and take risks. That’s what I think fashion is all about. 

How did you get your start as a stylist?

I realized I could make money doing this at 16 years old. My friend’s mom was a socialite in Philadelphia and I started styling her. She would let me pick all her vacation looks and pay me. It was like a jumpstart, I got to play with a lot of new pieces and learn my aesthetic. After high school, I started at Clark Atlanta University. My major was fashion marketing with a minor in business administration. I did a year and a half at school. My house back home burned down [and] I ended up leaving Atlanta to get myself together. When I came back I started modeling and working at a retail store, Diesel. That got me in a room with a lot of people that I eventually started to work with.

Hit continue to see some of the celebrities Jacq Flock has styled.

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