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Biking while Black: Student arrested by cop for knowing her rights (video)

“I need you to either give me your identification now, or you’re going to be placed under arrest,” the officer says. “Which do you want to do?”

Hansen offered, “I don’t answer questions,” as her only response and is then forced to the ground where she is placed in handcuffs.

The officers claim she does not comply while onlookers outwardly exclaim their treatment of Hansen as “unnecessary” and “abusive.”

Hansen was eventually arrested and accused of resisting arrest.

In lieu of the body cam footage being released, the Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference branch of the NAACP released a statement:

“As the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, we view this civil rights violation by state and local law enforcement as another example of racial inequity and excessive use of force imposed on communities of color by law enforcement.”

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