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Tyra Banks reportedly has a new man

Tyra Banks, mom, Carolyn London and son, York (Image source: Instagram – @tyrabanks)

Tyra Banks reportedly has a new man in her life.

The 45-year-old model set tongues wagging recently when she was spotted on a romantic date with Canadian executive Louis Bélanger-Martin at the luxurious Chinese restaurant Hutong in New York City.

A source told the New York Post newspaper’s Page Six column: “The two were definitely on a romantic date. But [they] kept the PDA low-key.”

Banks and Bélanger-Martin have been spotted together on numerous occasions – dating right back to August – but up until recently he’s only been identified as a “mystery man.”

The brunette beauty has kept her love life close to her chest since she split from Erik Asla, with whom she has three-year-old son York, back in 2017.

Meanwhile, Banks recently admitted that York – who was born via a surrogate – is desperate to have a sibling and her mother Carolyn London thinks it’s a good idea.

“God, my mom wants more grandbabies,” said Banks.

“My son is rolling and running around and she’s like, ‘You see? He needs a friend. He’s saying that these stuffed animals are his babies and he’s calling himself a big brother.'”

“He calls himself a big brother. I’m like there’s nobody underneath you – what does that mean ‘big brother?’ ”

Tyra Banks, mom, Carolyn London and son, York
[email protected]/Instagram

Banks has spoken candidly in the past about the troubles she had conceiving her son, and the “America’s Next Top Model” host was undergoing in-vitro fertilization treatments while filming the show in 2015.

She has also revealed she doesn’t think she can conceive again, due to her previous difficulties and not having any frozen embryos remaining.

However, she loves lie as a mom and loves that York has already become the “boss” of her household.

“I think every two-year-old has some terrible moments. And he definitely, definitely has that,” she admits. “But, he’s also like in charge so when he’s eating I try to tell him you must sit at the table when you eat, you cannot run around, you must sit.

“So the other day, yesterday, my mom is eating at the counter in the kitchen. He’s like, ‘Nana, sit down. You eating. Sit down, Nana.'”