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Drake gifts Toronto Raptors players championship jackets (photos)

Drake (Photo credit: Bang Media)

The Toronto Raptors are still celebrating the team’s first-ever NBA Championship during the 2018-19 season, thanks to superstar rapper Drake.

Champagne Papi bought all the players for the Raptors custom-made jackets after their historic run as the first NBA team outside the United States to win the title. This may be a return gesture, as the team gave Drake a championship ring along with the rest of the players and staff who participated in the team’s victorious title run against the Golden State Warriors in June.

Fred Vanvleet, one of the star players for the Raptors squad, is seen in the Twitter video below showing off the custom-made jacket on Oct. 29, 2019.

Drake was bestowed some ring bling by the team as he famously served as the very visible team ambassador during Raptors’ first-ever championship run.

Drake’s act of reciprocity is the glitzy jackets that, as you can see in the photos and Twitter videos, come with the iconic OVO owl on one side and the list of the players on the other. The team’s mascot, the raptor, is seen clutching the Larry O’Brien trophy with the phrase “The Best in the World” stenciled on top.

The only question now is if NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard — the man who bolted from the team right after the season to join the Los Angeles Clippers — will also get one of the Raptors’ jacket?

If fans look closely, you can see in the video below that the custom-made jackets resemble the one Drake wore during the Raptors’ championship parade back in the summer.