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Dynasty to disaster: Watch the moment Steph Curry breaks his hand (video)

Stephen Curry talks to the media. (Photo by Rashad Milligan for Steed Media Service)

The dichotomy of the past five years for the Golden State Warriors and their dire circumstances in 2019 is jaw-dropping in contrast.

The dynastic and historic Golden State Warriors have been beset with irrefutable disaster after the franchise star and future Hall of Fame candidate Steph Curry broke his left hand during a hard fall on Oct. 30.

Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II, 31, was driving to the basket against the Phoenix Suns when he got sandwiched and slammed to the court hard, landing on his left arm and breaking the hand.

The Warriors, who are a disastrous 1-3 just a few years after breaking Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls’ regular season record for wins, have crashed to the bottom of the NBA with this confirmed news.

This represents a devastating blow to the suddenly vulnerable Warriors, who are already absent of their superstars Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and others due to free agency defections, trades and season-ending injuries.

Teams have delighted in throttling the Warriors, particularly at home, where they have been beaten by 20 points or more multiple times. All-star power forward Draymond Green recently summed up their awful start with two definitive words: “We suck.”