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Judge Lauren Lake gives 3 tips on co-parenting once the relationship ends

Lauren Lake (Photo credit: Beck Media)

“Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court” received an Emmy earlier this year for the series’ tear-jerking episodes, known for being both entertaining and inspirational. Using paternity results to repair and restore families is something Lake takes seriously because it allows her to reunite families or provide support for those in peril. Lake gave three tips to anyone who finds themselves co-parenting after the relationship has ended.

– “You have to love your child more than you despise your significant other. If you love your child you have to focus on the love for your child and allow that to dictate how you interact with your ex.”

– “Do not discuss disagreements when emotions are running high. If you are trying to     work through a disagreement, do not have a conversation if you are upset. It’s almost impossible to talk things through when you are emotional. Take time out to calm down and allow your co-parent to do the same. Revisit the conversation with a cool head so you both can be rational and respectful.”

– “Don’t be afraid to go to counseling. Investing in the relationship with your child’s mother or father is always worth it because it will undoubtedly benefit your child. One of the best gifts you can give your child is having a healthy relationship with their mother or father.”