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Myleik Teele hosts inaugural Cantu and CURLBOX Masterclass

Cantu and CURLBOX held their inaugural Masterclass on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019. The event, which brought out troves of beautiful women excited to learn, network and bask in sisterhood, was held at Atlanta’s Southern Exchange Ballroom. The affair was curated by Cantu, a leader in the beauty industry and entrepreneur extraordinaire Myleik Teele, founder of CURLBOX. The event partnership was birthed to create a unique experience for people who embody the spirit of Cantu and to provide key tools for them to become a better version of themselves.

The event featured fireside chats with Myleik Teele, Thea Monyeé, Marsha Barnes, Tiffani Williams and Mecca Gamble titled; “Get Your Mind Right,” “Get Your Money Right” and “Get Your Image Right.”

In addition to the insightful conversations, attendees were served a light breakfast, a lunch mix and mingle and a specialty cocktail.

The sessions were broken up by fun activities that helped guests to interact, engage in conversation and self-reflect.

The Cantu x CURLBOX Masterclass also featured services from local businesses, including free piercings from Kutty Ink and Therapeutic vibrations from Chrysalis Sun.

Cantu provided hair demos and announced its new Superfoods avocado oil line and flaxseed line, which will be released in December.

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