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Aleahya Lewis goes from personal shopper to business owner with Alluxe Couture

Aleahya Lewis  (Photo credit: Brandon Davis, American Dreaming)

Philadelphia native Aleahya Lewis, the founder of Alluxe Couture, is on the fast track to making her idols her rivals. In just a short time, the online boutique owner has worked with major celebs like Kash Doll, Miss Nikki Baby, Ariana Fletcher and Cardi B to give online superstore Fashion Nova a run for their money. Rolling out spoke to this beautiful fashion maven to find out just how she went from being a personal shopper at Nordstrom to a business owner.

What made you decide to create a clothing line?
I decided to create my clothing brand because what I wanted to sell just wasn’t out there. I was growing bored with the wholesale market seeing the same items that every other boutique was selling. I knew I needed to bring something different [to the table] and the only way I could do that was by creating my lane.

What makes your line different from other brands?
What makes my line different from other brands is me! I put all of me into every piece that I create.

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