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Entrepreneur Cindy Tawiah heals women through history-making hair care line

Diva By Cindy founder Cindy Tawiah (Photo courtesy of Cindy Tawiah)

Through the Diva Project beauty drive, Tawiah and her team go into shelters to do beauty makeovers.

“I was molested at 5, raped at 13 and in a domestic violence situation by age 19,” she recalled. “Every time I’ve had adversity, I’ve used it and turned it into triumph. I want girls who are going through what I went through, women who went through what I went through, not just to wallow in it, but to find their way out of it. My six Ps for success are prayer, passion, perseverance, persistence, presence and positivity.”

Tawiah’s formal education and life experiences also enable her to help Black women battling hair loss due to life-altering health conditions.

“The products were formulated with that hair growing element, infusing peppermint, menthol and camphor to stimulate circulation, opening the follicles so healthy hair can grow,” she explained. “It’s formulated from when I looked at my chemo patients, I looked at my women with thyroid disorders. I looked at my women who had autoimmune disorders; the product worked on their hair.”

With the growing buzz about the effectiveness of its holistic formulas, Diva By Cindy has also found fans among celebrities like Tiffany Haddish.

“Tiffany’s stylist reached out to us and said that she bought the product when they were at the airport and loved it,” Tawiah said. “One day she was doing an Instagram Live, and our Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner were sitting on the shelf. The Purr-Fect Edges, she used on her hair for the Emmys last year.”

A Diva By Cindy vending machine is also in the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, Maryland. The next location will open as a retail store inside the Baltimore/Washington airport in December 2019. The line is also available nationwide at major retailers, including Giants and Jewel-Osco, on and is coming to Sally Beauty in January 2020.

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