Cam Kirk’s Collective Gallery creates ‘label’ and new vision for photographers

When asked about the percentages Collective Gallery would take for the services it would provide, Brooks noted that every photographer’s deal would be different.

“Just like with a label, it’s going to depend on what they want from us, what they are offering and the leverage that they have to bring,” Brooks explained. “With Cam being a photographer, he understands that they don’t necessarily get all the rights that they should, [and] they don’t necessarily get paid as much as they should in certain instances.

“For us, it’s not so much about what percentages we’re going to take, or owning their rights to certain things,” Brooks added. “It’s more so about us teaching you how to protect your rights and what your rights are.”

For photographers interested in becoming a part of Collective Gallery, Kirk compares the selection process to that of any music label when it comes to finding talent.

“The same way you can get signed to Def Jam, Interscope or QC is the same way we do,” he explained. “We’re looking for talent. We’re fielding inquiries, cold emails, we have a search committee. We have A&Rs working for us [who] are going to go out and work with talent.”

To apply to Collective Gallery, visit

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