Kenan Thompson makes room for new comedic talent in Chicago

“SNL” has had some hilarious sketches. What’s your favorite? 

I’ve always loved Toonces [the driving cat], it’s a really silly, dumb sketch, and I’ve always liked really silly, dumb sketches. There [are] a whole gang of characters that have been fantastic on the show. That’s what makes our show such a special place.

When can audiences expect “The Kenan Show” to launch?

Yes, we are shooting in the summertime, so the air date will be announced somewhere near there. But it is coming soon.

Why did you start the Ultimate Comedy Experience? 

I know what it’s like to be on the other side of that undiscovered curtain. Anything that I feel like I can do to try to give anybody a glimpse of the talent that’s back there, it’s your duty if you’ve been blessed, especially as long as I have. I have been working consistently since I was 15 years old, you know? It’s the least I can do to showcase some talent. I wish I could run shows where I could just put everyone on. But at the moment, I can definitely bring some attention to the talent that’s out there.

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