Let’s talk intuition: Are you listening?

Let’s talk intuition: Are you listening?
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We often hear the phrase “follow your intuition,” but people rarely do it. They either don’t recognize their gut feeling or hear it and ignore it. If people did follow their intuition, there would be a lot less chaos in their lives.

We live in a fast-paced culture, and most people are moving too quickly to hear their inner guidance — that part of themselves that can hear and feel what they need to do to be happy. If we were more in tune with ourselves and our guiding force (or higher power), we would quickly get the lessons we need to learn and the clarity to move forward in life without the long detours on our paths caused by confusion or poor choices.

Your intuition is inner guidance. It is your “gut feeling.” It comes from a deeper, spiritual place than your conscious thoughts. Your intuition is the vehicle by which your soul and higher power can connect with you and attempt to move you in the right direction down your path. So even when it’s not easy, following your intuition is always the best thing to do. The reward will always be a better life experience.

How many of you know you should stop doing something but you don’t? Why do you do that?

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