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The Michigan Glass Project supports art classes with $475K gift

Art instruction for elementary and middle school children is a proven benefit to their overall development. Since 2004, Art Road nonprofit has brought art classes to over 14K students, in metro Detroit schools. Without this program, the children would otherwise not have art classes in their curriculum. One of Art Road’s biggest sponsors is The Michigan Glass Project, a nonprofit organization that unites artists through charitable events that create and foster positive change in the community. To date, The Michigan Glass project has donated $475,000 to Art Road including this year’s donation of $130,000.

The generous donations make it possible for Art Road to continue its mission of bringing art class back into schools and to expand the program to more schools. For the past five years, Art Road has been the beneficiary of The Michigan Glass Project’s annual fundraiser — a live glass, music and arts festival that happens during the summer. The festival is one-of-a-kind with over 100 renowned glass artists, painters, blowers and art vendors coming together to support art education. The event boasts over 40 musical artists across two stages during the three-day weekend and brings in hundreds of artists and patrons from around the world.

“The Michigan Glass Project is thrilled to be writing its largest single donation check in the last five years of supporting Art Road. Our organization prides itself on bringing artists, musicians, and small businesses together in a festival setting with a unified mission that extends beyond ego and personal goals,” said Allison Key, co-founder and director of The Michigan Glass Project. “Our space allows individuals to combine their abilities in order to provide children in our community the opportunity to experience art class at their schools, just as we did when we were growing up.”

It indeed takes a village to raise children and The Michigan Glass Project and Art Road have formed a mighty partnership. Instead of complaining about the lack of art in classrooms, the two organizations are fulfilling an essential need.

“Art promotes higher levels of critical thinking in young learners and helps them develop the confidence they need to succeed in other aspects of life. But not every kid has access to art class. Because of this, we are so thankful to Allison Key and Drew Kups, co-founders of The Michigan Glass Project, and to their community of artists for making art class possible for the next generation of Detroit area students,” said Carol Hofgartner, founder and executive director of Art Road.

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