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Photographer Ron T. Young shares what inspires his creative lens

Photographer Ron T. Young, Photo Courtesy RTY Photography

Ron T. Young is a conceptual photographer with over 12 years of experience behind the lens. Young has photographed a host of notable subjects including Anita Baker, Ledisi, Robert Glasper, and Kirk Franklin. Young’s creative lens is best captured in relaxed environments, allowing the subject to embrace the camera to deliver the best photo.

What inspired you to pursue photography?

I first became inspired to pursue photography when I was in my 20’s. I was sitting at home one summer and got a little bored. I had a Fuji 35mm at the time and just decided to buy some black and white and go shoot. It helped my boredom.

Is there a specific moment when you realized photography meant more than just taking pictures?
I was taking a friend’s engagement photos and their reaction to them afterward meant the world. They used them for their wedding invites and later had a canvas printing of it.

The word “creative” has been tossed around a lot in the millennial generation. Do you believe that being a “creative” has lost its authentic meaning?
I think being creative is adapting. I find being creative is when I take the tools I have and make them work in any situation and also taking a moment and making it into art. People give millennials slack, but they are just as creative, it’s just done differently. I sometimes use some of their methods as well.

Would you consider yourself creative?
I consider myself creative because I continue to learn and embrace new methods in my work.

What photographers inspire you?
I’m a huge Gordon Parks fan and I love Derek Blanks’ Alter Ego works.

How do they inspire you?
I get inspired by the lighting and composition.

What represents a great photograph to you?
I love eyes, so a lot of my work shows the subjects real self

Ledisi – Photo Courtesy RTY Photography

Film vs. digital? Which do you prefer?
I started in film, but digital is the best for me. I can get the images to a client faster and editing is much faster.

How do you plan on elevating your business in 2020?
I plan to release a book of photography and hold my first gallery showing.

Among all the personalities you photographed, who was the most significant for you?
Anita Baker. That was such a great shoot and I’m also a huge fan.

Photo Courtesy RTY Photography

 How do you incorporate music in your photo shoots?
I make my own playlist and blast them for the clients. I love it when they feel relaxed and free.

What three songs will energize any photoshoot?

  • Chaka Khan – “Every Woman”
  • Mary J. Blidge – “Just Fine”
  • Ledisi – “I Blame You”

What is one passion project that you are hoping to pursue in the future?

I would like to get some more magazine covers. I would love to shoot J. Lo

Photo Courtesy RTY Photography


Photo Courtesy RTY Photography
Photo Courtesy RTY Photography
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