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Police reveal what may have caused rapper Juice WRLD’s seizures

(Photo by A.R. Shaw for Steed Media)

Chicago police have revealed the private plane that Juice Wrld and his crew flew on was loaded with marijuana and powerful prescription pills that later led to several arrests.

Police won’t speculate yet if illicit drugs could have been the source of the seizure that Juice suffered after landing at about 1 a.m. morning Sunday, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. But one of the passengers said Juice was popping pills during that fateful flight, TMZ reported.

No official word will be given for the cause of death until the medical examiner conducts the autopsy.

Compounding the tragedy and the sense of loss for his friends and family is the fact that Page Six stated that Juice, who was born Jarad Anthony Higgins, was going to be the guest of honor at his 21st birthday party the day he died.

According to the police reports obtained by TMZ, the plane that shuffled Juice Wrld and his people from California to Chicago, was loaded with over 70 pounds of marijuana, guns and a bottle of codeine cough syrup from the plane.

One of the people who orbited Juice’s world, told TMZ that the rapper also had a Percocet addiction.

As for the confiscation of the drugs and weapons, two of the men who were with Juicy, Chris Long and Henry Dean, were arrested after three firearms were discovered. Both have since been released from jail.